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Drake Mosteller - Coach

Shane Roehl


Drake Mosteller is a Coach here at The Washington Strength Haus. His areas of expertise are
barbell strength training, athletic performance and mobility.

“With a focus on barbell training my goal is to guide people in their journey to becoming the
strongest, healthiest versions of themselves possible”

Drake has a long history as an athlete from a very young age, entering his first wrestling room at
4 years old, not resting till after high school. During high school he also spent several years
playing Football, Basketball, Soccer, and Pole Vault. “My favorite place to be is the mountains”,
Drake his a huge fan of snowboarding and hiking naturally, being a PNW native and all.

During Drakes time spent in the National Guard as well as in India learning to instruct Yoga he
developed a new perspective of the world around him, since the he has devoted all his time and
energy to having the greatest positive impact possible on the people around him.
The Strength Haus isn’t the only place where Drake bears the title coach. He also works with
kids in multiple facets, running a PE program for a private school in Snohomish, a dodgeball
after school program in Duvall, and even running mobile laser tag games on the weekend. Never
a dull moment!

-NASM Certified Personal Trainer
-200 RYT certified Yoga Instructor
-CPR and AED Certified