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Abs ON!

We walked through the progression of GHD sit ups yesterday during class and it got me thinking about my own core and how it helps and is important in everything thing we do in the gym and throughout your day. 

Your abs support help to keep your spine in a neutral position while you are squatting with any bit of load or sitting up straight while driving to the store or sitting through that long morning meeting at work.

When we set up for our lifts we always say squeeze your butt, screw your feet into the ground, shoulders back and down, and tighten your stomach. There is a reason for that order. We want to set your pelvic in place, activate your hips, and your abs lock it together and allow you to move with good spinal positioning. 

If we have a week core we will see or feel ourselves begin to collapse under load or over extend our spine by sticking our butts out to compensate for our weakness. 

So get the the movement board and look at the sit ups column. Start at the top and when you are able to 10 in a row move to the next. This will help you throughout your activities. And hey when you clean up that diet you might uncover something you want to show off this summer.