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Adversity = a state or instance of serious or continued difficulty or misfortune. 

This is something we all must learn to deal with and over come. Adversity makes us stronger. This is exactly what we are dealing with when we are under a back during a back squat. 

This is also what we deal with in our daily life which can sometimes make it difficult to get a workout in regularly or keep a consistent diet. 

A broken ankle was Janae's obstacle she had to over come. She spent 3 months on the down low recovering from said injury after breaking it in a soccer match. 

The really problem with adversity isn't getting knocked down..... It's getting back up. It's easy to stay down and bitch about how bad you have it or how hard it is.... But it takes strength to get back up and punch adversity in the face. To push the bar back up in the bottom of a squat. 

But, the more you do it the stronger you get. You couldn't squat as much weight as you can now because you have been over coming adversity..... And in the future you will be able to squat more weight because you got back up now. 

Summer is over. You took some punches due to a busier schedule, kids being out of school, vacations and I'm sure theres plenty of other reasons..... Question is what are you going to do now? Get back up or stay down on the ground?