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Good Burpee Position

Oh the Burpee!

The most loved and feared exercise of all time.

Usually performed at the end of a workout to give it that much needed spice that was missing.

Well, like most things sometimes we tend to overdo the flavor and the results are some sort of worm like mutant of a me we all know what this looks and feels like.

But what is a burpee?

Could it be a Push Up, Air Squat and Jump and land all combined into one!


The burpee is actually a combination of movements and not just one big mess!!!

But what does that even look like?

Im glad you asked, because last week Mike was in the zone on his burpee execution! 

(Make sure to move over to the 36sec mark to start seeing some action!)

Air Squat...CHECK!

Push Up....CHECK!

Jump and Land....CHECK!!

Great job on your positions man and keep up the great work!