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Commitment part 2



-the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc.

-a pledge or undertaking.

-an engagement or obligation that restricts freedom of action.

How many things in life are we really "committed" to?

Work? School? Family? Friends? Faith? YouTube!

Of those things listed above how much time do you really dedicate to spend on developing and further the relationships held within those parameters. 

The answer for most of us is, not enough.

You see in life we allow ourselves to get too busy to check up on those who are in and around our lives. We seem to only give those who have the ability to create change within our world the highest priority. Which if thought logically is the proper way to do things. Why waste time on anything else that will not benefit your current situation.

However our world is highly illogic.

Tied deeply into our core are emotions, and if not placate to tend to have the ability to override our logic and cause us to make unreasonable decisions. But what could cause us such a thing to happen?

Work.School.Family.Friends.Faith...and of course, YouTube!

If we do not make the effort to commit to developing our relationships within those arenas then you can only imagine the negative ramifications that could occur in your life. Forget to go to work, no money. Forget to go to school, no education. Forget to talk to your mom, no love. You get the idea. 


Where do you fall?

However there is one HUGE arena that most people do not even bother dedicating their time to, and if they do they often approach it in ways that could be more detrimental than if they left it alone all together.


Forget your health, no life.


See you in class,