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Making a commitment to your health


Taking care of one's health can be broken down into two categories.

  1. Physical
  2. Mental

Now lets take a look at each of them in detail:


This by far is the easiest to work on because I use it everyday, and if my body is out of commission then bad things tend to happen (Or not happen, depending on how you look at it...). I routinely make sure I exercise because I value the strength I have come to achieve. I pursue a higher level of strength to further my owner ambitious endeavor of one day competing at a powerlifting competition. This constant pursuit of strength requires that I be supple enough to reach the desired position of particular movements, and to consume the adequate amount of nourishment so that I can feed my growing  strength capacity. However I am still far off from conquering this realm, I still lack the proper balance at times. My diet usually tends to be the area that most often suffers, which has a way of affecting my performance in training, which is followed up by a less than adequate amount of recovery time (aka sleep). As committed as I am to being strong, it seems that most often I find myself at fault for underachieving.


By far the hardest to work on because it is to easy to ignore. In times prior I had committed to memory a morning ritual were I was able to regulate my breathing and mind through mindfulness meditation. This led to some very productive months. However once I fell out of that routine I have found it increasingly difficult to get back to that state of "flow". It is a shame really because I know the person who had this dialed in was far more efficient at performing daily task, and more productive in general.

These two paradigms help create a whole picture of health. Without being fully dialed in each area you will find it hard to achieve your desired health goal(s). You might be able to hit those short term goals, but making those goals become ingrained lifelong habits is another beast that demands a commitment and dedication.

In my view when thinking about making any commitment(s) you must first be able to make a commitment to yourself. Once you are able to put yourself first and take care of your health, you will find it less difficult to commit to others. 

See you in class,