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Congrats Tara

Tara has been a member for over 4 years now at The Mill Fitness!  It's crazy how fast time flies!

She and her wife Shelley have been here for a lot of major life events..... From their wedding, to the birth of their son Jayden and now.....

Tara just recently competed her K-9 Unit Training for the Seattle PD! 

HUGE Congratulations are in order! No one has ever deserved it more! 

This has been something Tara has been working on for the past few years and it didn't come without it's set backs..... Form an injured shoulder during training for work, followed by surgery..... To getting a second dog after the first had temperament issues.... and only she know how many other hurdles, hoops and fires she had to jump through to complete this! 

This certainly didn't come easy but it has finally paid off! 


Tara, myself and everyone at The Mill are all very proud of you and glad to know people like you are out there watching out for us! 

Coach Cameron