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Consistency Matters


About a month ago I couldn't have picked Brent Hartman out of a crowd.  Now, that  certainly has more to do with the fact that I was only at the gym in the evenings than anything else, but now that I am spending my mornings at the gym I have gotten to spend some time with our wonderful morning folks. One day, I had the privilege of sitting in on a conversation between Cameron and Brent that showed me again the importance of having a "Coach for Life".  It reminded me, that as athletes, we all have different needs, motivations, and demons to contend with.  We all come to this commitment to our own fitness from our own personal angle.  To be sure, everyone will have moments (however long they may last) that we struggle with motivation to show up, or to keep plugging. Some days can be rough to find our way.  The key to long term success is trusting the people around you in that moment of doubt, to help you through.  

It has now been a couple weeks since I sat in on that conversation between Brent and Cameron.  In that time, Brent hasn't missed a class, or a one on one. I also got to sit in on the weigh in where we recorded some lost LB's!

Way to go Brent, keep up the good work!

The consistency of just showing up is and will continue to pay off.

~Coach Austin

-Brent doing some "Zen Buddha" box jumps....