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Duplicate of Lower Back Pain Clinic

The Mill Fitness

Sat November 11 2017 11:00 AM

Get out of bed and feel like your back is as stiff as a board?

Go straight to the toilet and feel like you just fall to the seat hoping you don't miss?

Bend over to put on your pants and it feels like your uprooting two massive tree trunks?

Tired of my analogies?

Think about how many time you sit during the day. Your commute to work, being at work, your commute back from work, and at home. That is a lot of time to let you tissues start to get tacked down like gum on the back of a desk. Over a prolonged period of time you can impair you ability to properly move which can cause serious health issues.

Learn how to prevent, and rebound from low back pain and live a happier life!

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