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Lumberjack Weightlifting Club

Duplicate of Lumberjack Weightlifting Club

The Mill Fitness

Tue June 13 2017 6:30 PM

First of all what is the Lumberjack Club? 

It's a weightlifting club for lack of a more exciting term...... If you're like me, just the idea of a lifting club gets me all kinds of excited!

Anyways.... This is a program dedicated entirely to weightlifting. Both Olympic Weightlifting and Power Lifting will be an option.

Which do you do? Whichever helps get you to reach your goals most efficiently! 

How will this work? 

First you have to schedule a consult with Rene.

Here you two sit down and flush out what your goals are... 

  1. What your current level of fitness is...
  2. What you want out of the program(s)...
  3. Which program is best to reach your goal(s)...

The Schedule.

Class will run:

  • Tuesday & Thursday at 6:30 pm to around 8pm
  • Saturdays at 10am to around 11:30. 

Who is this a good fit for? 

Beginners who have zero experience in lifting and want to build muscle.... Someone who is already in a program and wants to fine tune their skills. Or the more advanced who want to keep the gains going! 

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You must schedule a consult to get started. This applies to current Mill members too.