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Duplicate of Seminar - Fixing Knee Pain

The Mill Fitness

Sat October 07 2017 11:00 AM

Do you enjoy running but not the pain that comes with it? 

Are your knees sore from everyday movement......? Making getting up and down off he ground tough.... Or walking up/down stair difficult..... 

Does it hurt trying to get down and play with your kids or grandkids? Or maybe you stopped long ago because of the pain this caused.....

Do you work in a profession that has taken a toll on your knees? 

Do you like working out but knee pain holds you back form doing everything you enjoy? 

Long story short....... Do your knees hurt? 

We have the fix! 


We are going to break down how the knee works and what causes joint pain. 

What you need to do to fix the problem.

Mobility and strengthening exercises to correct the issue. 



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