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Motivation for life & fitness

“You Can Develop Any Habit Or Thought Or Behavior That You Consider Desirable Or Necessary.” -Brian Tracy


In the beginning...

We are young and ambitious. Ready to take on the world, but don't know how. All we know that there is something better out there that the world can offer. But what if there isn't? Then we will just forge our own path! We will keep pushing until something gives...but more often then not, we are usually the ones that give. Our dreams fade, and we let our passions submit. 

What does this have to do with fitness? Everything.

You first encounter with any gym you are filled with ambition, with a zest for what is to come when you give it your all. You already imagine yourself doing all the activities you are going to be able to do one you have conquered this beast. That you have the power to change and give yourself something better than the world has given you. But after a couple of weeks progress slows down, and then stops altogether. You don't know why, maybe it has been work, maybe you are extra stressed, maybe its your diet, maybe its something...Soon you stop altogether and allow your vision to fade, and let all you passion submit.

There is hope...

Just take a look around you. Cameron, Shane and all the other coaches around here have dedicated themselves to help you rekindle that fire. To let you dare to dream about hiking that trail without stopping, and look good in your birthday suit. But more importantly we understand that achieving your perfect day is going to be a long road, and we are ready to help you get there as long as you are willing to allow yourself to believe again. 


See you in class,