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Getting That First Strict Pull-Up want to get your first strict pull up. Or, maybe you just want to get better at them, do more, not rely on the kip. For some people, this may seem like an impossible task. You mean, you want me to pull all of THIS up far enough to get my chin over that bar?! You're crazy! For some people, it's really easy to bang out a bunch of them and for others it seems like a never ending lost battle.

Pull ups are one of those movements where it comes down to strength. There's no secret technique you can work on to get better, no easy way out. Pull ups are something that will require consistent work. Meaning that you can't only work on them on the days that they're in your WOD. To be successful, you need a plan to work on them every time you're in the gym. So are you ready? Let's look at some exercises to get you there.

Ring Row

Set up the rings so they're about the height of your belly button. Hold onto the rings, and lean back until your arms are fully extended and legs are straight. Keeping a tight torso, pull on the rings until they are to your chest, being sure not to use your hips to get you there. As you get stronger, you can walk your feet further out in front and lower the rings to a position closer to parallel with the ground.


Dead Bar Hang

This one is easy...jump on a bar and hang there as long as you can stand! It'll help with your grip strength.


Eccentric Pull Up

Start with a box or a stack of bumpers that allow you to jump to a pull up. Depending on your level of strength, the height will vary. Pick a height that will allow you to do a pull-up. Start at the top of the pull up position, pause and then lower yourself down slowly. This will help develop strength for the bottom half of the pull up. Once you have mastered that height, it can be adjusted lower.


Each week challenge yourself to do just a little bit more! Next thing you know you'll have that first pull up, then 2...3...4...and on.