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Good Morning

Good Mornings!


Good Mornings are a great movement that will set you up well for many things we do at the gym. This movement will develop your ability to hinge at the hips. The important thing to remember is to stop before you break that neutral spine.


Start with a PVC pipe running across your shoulders gripping it with both hands. Make sure you set your self up like you would for any heavy lift (remember if you don’t do it when not using any weight, you wont be able to when you add load). Squeeze your butt, tighten your abs, and screw your feet into the floor.


Once you are set unlock you knees and drive your hips back so that you hinge at your waist. Now your goal is to have your torso be parallel to the floor but your stopping point for now is just before you break that neutral spine.


A couple things to watch out for is making sure that your knees do not come forward but you also don’t want them locked out. You also don’t want to keep you hips in the same place and throw yourself off balance. Remember drive your hips back.


Now practicing and getting this movement down well is important because it shares positions with a lot of the movements we use each week like, Dead lifts, Kettle bell swings and a jumping position.