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Happy Father's Day!

Here's to all you Fathers!

This Atta Boy is for you!

Here's to all you early morning risers heading off to work, here's to all the coaches and the evening practices.


Here's to the night shift workers, the check book balancers and the hair ball extractors.

Here's to all you weekend warriors, doers of all the house projects and the honey do's, goers to the Saturday morning games and weekend tournaments.

Here's to all the master packers, everything will fit in that trunk.

Here's to you, the outdoor enthusiast, teacher of how to make fire and bait a hook.

Here's to the first steps and poo paintings, first dates and broken hearts, skinned knees and dented cars.


You are landscape geniuses, audio visual specialist, long haul drivers, you are out fighting each day to give your family everything they deserve. You are devoted to instilling a sense of adventure, a work ethic, and a helpful hand into these little people so that they aren't just great kids but become amazing adults. Even with all these thing (and more), you've  somehow also made time to keep that dad bod in check.

Fathers, Sunday is the day we salute you.

Your families are your biggest cheer leaders, so take a moment and soak up the blessings you have and remember the ones that can't be here. We appreciate your sacrifice and drive to create a better, longer, healthier life for you and your family. 


Coach Austin