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Jumping back on the wagon...but now what's for lunch?

It's that time of have a chance to start fresh, reset, and have the motivation to do so. It seems that one of the hardest meals to keep on track with is lunch. It's all to easy to just run out and grab something that will derail your progress if you're not prepared. In our house, we use Sunday afternoons to meal prep. We have a bunch of portable plastic containers with lids, we fill them up for the week, and stack them in the fridge. That way in the morning you just grab it and run! And who says that it has to be boring? There are all sorts of fun ideas and yummy things that are easy to whip up and store well in the fridge. A lot of them are kid friendly too so you can include the whole family! I frequently consult some of my favorite paleo blogger websites for ideas- see below.

Michelle Tam from Nom Nom Paleo has a great resource here She has a whole week of lunch ideas to get you started.

One other fun lunch box idea comes from Paleo Leap. These are also easy make ahead meals that you can grab and run with.

So stay on that wagon and be prepared with foods that will keep you there!