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Getting closer to that Perfect Squat

All right, we are going to talk squats again since we are going through a squat series. Last week I mentioned the common fault of overextension of the spine. Today we are going to look at what we are doing with our legs.

Starting with the bracing sequence we are screwing our feet into the floor and tightening our butts. This will help you drive your knees out as you lower into your squat. The common faults here are allowing your knees to cave in towards each other and/or allowing your knees to drive forward out past your toes.

Our power and stability comes from staying in line and that means keeping your shins vertical and driving your knees out and this all starts at the beginning when you are bracing for your squat.

I have added a link to a video from Kelly Starrett that will give you some good pre squat work to do when you get to the gym 15 minutes prior to class. This should help you open up your hips to allow you to drive your knees out.

Super Squat Hip Sequence pre-workout | Feat. Kelly Starrett | MobilityWOD

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