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Member Spotlight: Heather Bradley

Oh man...she's going to hate this...but it needs to be said.

Heather has been with us since late 2012 and is fast coming up on her 5 year anniversary.  In that time, she's seen every iteration of the gym.  She's seen members and coaches alike, come and go.  But in that time, she's been one of our most consistent members.  Come 4:15 or 5:15pm, 3x or 4x a week, you can expect to see her pull up in her truck (don't ask about the shiny new truck) and get going on her warmup.  She walks in, looking like she's going to get right down to business, and while she isn't one to immediately jump in on the group conversation, there's a quick one liner, and a wry smile waiting right beneath the surface.  

While always one to make steady progress in the gym, Heather has really taken a jump in performance over the past year.  Everything from lifting to gymnastics has seen a bump in the right direction.  What I admire most about Heather's approach is 2-fold....

1.  Everything she does in the gym is geared around her living a more vibrant and fun life, outside of it.  She's an avid snowboarder in the winter, and doesn't hesitate to hop on the longboard in the spring and summer months.  She's told me specifically that the work she does IN the gym, translates to her enjoyment of her activities OUTSIDE of it.

2.  She understands that the long game is what is important.  She's super consistent, and the dividends are really paying off.

Great job Heather!  Keep up the great work, you're a pleasure to have as a part of the Mill Family!


Coach Shane