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Member Spotlight: Kelly Sloan

I wanted to take a moment to "high-five" Kelly Sloan.  For the past 3+ years, if you have attended a 9:30am or 5:30pm class, you have no doubt worked out with, or seen Kelly in the gym.  Rumor has it, Kelly was a little apprehensive of starting her path to fitness with us all those years ago, but since making the jump, she has been one of our most consistent members.   For proof, you only need look at her performance gains over the past 12 months, as she is really starting to see the benefits of all of that consistency.  

Kelly is known for making sure she gets "all the reps," and as a Coach, she keeps us on our toes as she likely knows the ins and outs of the day's workout better than we do when she walks in the door.  All of this attention to detail paid dividends this past summer when she and Gena added a lifting program during Open Gym hours.  Over the course of a couple of months, Kelly and Gena were in a couple of times a week, working on additional strength programming.  At the same time, Kelly really did a great job of dialing in her Macronutrient profile, and stuck to a pretty reasonable, and sustainable food plan.  

All of this culminated in about a 30# weight loss, all the while hitting PR's on many of her lifts!  

Outside of the gym, Kelly enjoys running the Ragnar rally each year, works as a hair stylist, and is also working on establishing her own Photography business.  

When you get a chance, be sure to congratulate Kelly on all of her hard work!  

Great work Kelly!

~Your Coaches