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Motivation Monday - Become Unstoppable

Become  unstoppable.


Whether it's a Mohammed Ali telling the world he's the best and no one can stop him.


Whether it's a Tony Robbins pumping himself up before speaking to a crowd of hundreds.


Whether it's a student about to give their first public speech and says “I can do this”.


Whether it's a decision to raise a child, and the parents say “We are going to be great parents”.


We are constantly reaffirming our beliefs. We become our own cheerleader. It's a way we give ourselves the extra bit of motivation before we set out to do whatever it is that we do.


There have been countless articles, books, TV specials on this very thought of reaffirmation. This subject generates millions of dollars from millions of people looking to improve their lives, yet we don't live in a world filled with millions of millionaires.


Why is that?




It's a simple yet powerful word. It alone has given birth to nations, and brought destruction to others. Allowed for the greatest of technological advances for improve humanity, and then be used to withhold humanity.


Whatever the result it always started with a belief in something greater them themselves, and then a reaffirmation that they were the best ones capable of accomplishing it.  


So I ask you, why not become unstoppable?


Live authentically, and follow your calling fervently.


If you fail on your venture welcome it with gratitude, because life stopped you from following the wrong path. Then keep being unstoppable.  


Get comfortable being uncomfortable, because only then will you be desperate enough to succeed.


See you in class,