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What do you hold on to?

What do you hold on to most?

If you have kids, most likely it would be the quality memories you have with them.

Similarly, you likely cherish the memories of the quality time you have spent with loved ones.

For others it might be their favorite possessions, such as a priceless guitar, or rare collectables that hold sentimental as well as monetary value.

For many of us, the item we want to hang on to the most is our health and fitness.

It is no mystery that as we age, this precious human element is constantly at odds with us as it begins to slip away, and is more difficult to maintain as we get older. 

At some point each person moves from focusing on maximizing their performance and physical output to doing this within the context of slowing down the aging process and hinder the inevitable process of our eventual retrograde.  

What are the forces at play in this process? 

Through strength...we find our solace, and vitality.

With mobility...we recoup our restrictions, we live our best life.

A failure to constantly build strength of both mind and body, and mange our physical mobility, will soon drastically affect our way of life.  We see this happening in young and old alike.

Once we decide to engage in the process of development we must understand that continued growth can only happen if we are able to retain that which we have already acquired. For those who decide to dedicate themselves to pursuing virtuosity in a given discipline, must understand that to further expand your skills, you must have complete control of the most basic and fundamental patterns available.

This is to say that without being able to fully comprehend rudimentary level algebra, theoretical physics would be but fantasy (To many with erudite knowledge in the field, it still is).

Yet do not follow life dogged by an incessant need to achieve mastery.  Instead, relish in the opportunity to preserve that which you have already learned, and be elated at the possibility of continued advancement. Share what you have learned with those around you, for what is mastery without the ability to share with those around you the most simplistic message of your craft?

This is the most valuable form of retention. To hold onto that of which you have and to enjoy it with those whom you care for most.

See you in class,