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Samson Stretch

I had the opportunity to talk with Dave after our work out Tuesday and he was telling me how important it is for him to be there early enough to warm up so he can stay healthy.


Cameron has laid out a great warm up routine for us at The Mill, which starts with the Samson Stretch. Until recently I did not realize how multi-facetted this stretch is.


If you are new or just have a tendency to forget the names of what we do at the gym, as I tend to do often, The Samson Stretch is the one that from a standing position with your feet hip width apart you step forward into a lunge. Putting your arms straight out in front of you, you will raise them up over head while tightening your glutes, opening up your hips and driving that front knee forward.


This stretch is important because 1 you opening up you hips and lengthening your hip flexors while 2 working on your over head position and shoulder mobility.


A couple common things to watch out for while doing this is making sure your lunge stance is wide enough so that when you push forward and down with your hips your knee is coming in line with your shin and not pushing out over your toes. Also getting your arms straight overhead and inline with your torso with out breaking your midline (don’t arch your back or push your rib cage out). Make sure to keep your abs tight to help with this.


The Samson Stretch will help you get ready for any squat, lunge, and overhead lifting we may be doing that day or in the upcoming week.


Remember, Stay Healthy.