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Shoulder Position

Don’t be a Detla Bravo! Your shoulder position is extremely important to mobility, your lifting, your posture and most importantly not looking like a DB!

When I think of the typical pumped up gym rat I think of shrugged shoulders coming forward with a puffed up chest. The worst part of this is that I find my own shoulders naturally moving to this position as I am sitting at my computer at work, driving home on my commute or even getting ready to bench press my heavy set. I have to constantly remind myself shoulders back and down. Think of pinching a pen in between your shoulder blades and then pulling them down towards your back pockets. If you can work on this through out your day, while texting, driving working at your desk or eating dinner with the family it will be much more natural when you are at the gym loading up your dead lift or one of many presses we do. This will contribute to overall shoulder health and keeping you in the gym and healthy through out your life. Your shoulder is strongest when firmly set in its socket and if you cant keep it there while performing normal activities how are you going to do this when you are adding load. Kelly Starrett talks a lot about proper shoulder position and mobility. Check out these videos for some things you can add to your daily routine and your warm up at the gym.

Proper texting form:

Shoulder mobility: