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Spotlight: Raquel Davalos

Raquel has been at The Mill Fitness for 6 months now. She began the Fundamentals program in November and graduated in February where she transitioned to group classes. She is doing a Platinum membership which entails doing group classes and 1 private coaching session each week. This helps her stay accountable as well as help her improve on here movements so she doesn't end up getting injured.

Raquel states, "I was nervous to begin group classes with the fear of whether or not I was going to know all the movements and the terms that may be used."  Sure enough, she made it through her first group class and has been going strong since. More recently Raquel retested her squats, where she was able to PR both her front and back squats by at least 20 lbs.


Raquel's PR Back Squat 105# 

On top of improving her squat strength, she can now do several pull ups, beautiful push ups and all without looking like a man! Which was  HUGE fear of hers.... Since day 1 she has been wanting to be stronger and feel healthier but was seriously scared of getting bulky and looking manly.... As you can see from the videos and picture posted she is well on her way to becoming strong and all without looking like a man! 

Raquel has been riding horses her entire life. The horse she still rides today is very strong. It wasn’t until recently that she finally felt she was able to control her horse due to the strength she has gained from her hard work in the gym.

Raquel has also had many shoulder issues over the years due to being overly flexible..... Not a problem most people have, but none the less a problem. We have been focusing on rectifying this issue and she has been injury/pain free since joining. 

One more thing I want to add..... Raquel is stronger than she's ever been...... She's eating more food than she was before she started with us..... Feels better than she has in a ling time........ AND she's fitting into clothes she hasn't worn since high school! 


Way to go Raquel and keep up the awesome work!!