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Charlie's - Success Story


Charlie success story 

I'd like to put the spot light on Charlie today. I've had the pleasure of being his coach since July of 2014. Charlie typically attends the 5:30 and 7:30 pm classes. He brings a great vibe and an even better hint of jokes/sarcasm to any class he comes to.  When Charlie started he wanted to lose weight and feel more confident. He has never been an athlete so coming into CrossFit was a big step out of his comfort zone. But the cool thing was doing crossfit was his idea and he drug his whole family in to do it with him!  He typically attended classes with his dad Randy in the beginning.  In the 2 years he's been here, the changes are SOOO much more than just weight loss..... That being said he's lost 30 pounds in the last couple months doing the Whole 30 diet. One of the major changes I've seen in him has been his independence.  He now comes without his dad, mainly Im guessing because Randy attends the 5:30 am class with the other crazy early risers. But this new change in independence has brought him to earn his drivers license and buy a brand new F150. Which is amazing on a few levels.... If you know Charlie like I do, he's very tight with his money, so buying a new truck was a big thing! Performance-wise...... I'm not even sure where to start because the change is INSANE! Charlie started out having a hard time doing even basic movements like air squats or push ups and struggled with staying consistent and making forward progress like a lot of us. So he recently upgraded to a Gold Hybrid membership and we meet every other week to work on his lifts/ movements to assure he is on track to keep making progress. The change was exactly what he needed. His progress has EXPLODED!  This was when he started the whole 30 which was a game changer in his performance! He's now doing unassisted pull ups, dips and crushing his lifting numbers! Oh wait..... did I mention he conquered rope climbs?! Yeah, that happened. The past few years of working with Charlie have been nothing but a pleasure! I'm really happy you found us and Im excited to see what the future holds! Coach Cameron