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Melissa Handy, Success Story

Melissa Handy

From the first day it felt inviting, something that I wasn't expecting. The coaches, fellow athletes and staff were all so welcoming, knowledgeable and funny. I laugh alot at the gym. I didn't realize how out of shape I really was until that first week. I was sore in areas I didn't even know existed. I originally started this endeavor solely to get fit. About three months in, I began to see improvements physically, but what I really noticed was now my motivation in going to the gym wasn't about fitting into my pants better, it was about overcoming limiting beliefs in all areas of my life. I quickly made the correlation between pushing yourself physically, gaining strength and becoming more capable in my body to being mentally and emotionally strong and capable as well. Even if I'm having a bad day when I walk into the gym, by the time I leave I'm in a much better mood. It is such a good stress reliever and endorphin rush. Seeing yourself physically do something that previously your mind says you couldn't do, you realize how much more you could possibly accomplish with just a simple change of your perception. CrossFit has become a home away from home for me. I will always feel gratitude for what it has brought to my life.