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January Soul Food Potluck

January Soul Food Potluck

Gena's House

Sat January 20 2018 5:00 PM

So this is the first of many! 

We are going to start a monthly potluck / reason to get together and drink! Oh and exchange new ways to cook healthy meals...... 

So whats the deal? 

The 20th of January we are getting together for a Soul Food Potluck event. 

What do you bring? Im not exactly sure what soul food is...... But figure out a paleo FRIENDLY soul food style dish and bring it with you. Also feel free to bring whatever alcoholic beverage of choice.... 

The idea is to exchange recipes to help people branch outside of their norm and give us all a reason to get together! 

This is a family Friendly event! So please bring the fam and lets grub out!