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Thanksgiving, Turkey & Training

Happy Thanksgiving everyone...or soon to be!

I hope you are all prepared to enjoy some fun and overdue (and possibly awkward) family time!

In the spirit of everyone spending time with those they are thankful for, we wanted to say a big thank you to you all.

Without you all, we would not be able to do what we love to do the most!

Your constant desire to grow and learn about becoming a better, healthier, more altruistic version of yourself says tons about the type of crowd we are thrilled to attract to The Mill!  We could not be more proud of the hardworking, dedicated people that grace our gym floor.

Though the year is not over, we take this time to reflect on those whom we have had the pleasure to interact with as well as those that are about to begin their journey.

With each conversation we identify the needs of not only that individual, but also get a sense of the needs of our surrounding community.

Thanks to input from each of you, we have developed a Weightlifting specific program for those that seek to become stronger and more capable.  The success of this program has also led to the development of a rapidly growing Youth Weightlifting & Sports Performance Program, designed to further develop the capacity of young athletes in their future sport of choice.

While this week we wont be pumping out a usual rant on strength, we will leave you with this nugget...

If you have ever  trained in a new sport, or skill, you know that many of mistakes were made in the beginning. In addition, hours are spent on what seems to be routine and mundane information.  Yet even in those first few mistakes, in those early routines lie the bedrock, the foundation of what you would accomplish in the future.

Whether those first days are behind you, or staring you right in the face, remember how fun it is to learn something new. Something that challenges you and forces you to think and adapt in ways to overcome those challenges is good for the mind, body, and spirit.

So, every time you add an extra plate to that barbell, or add another rep in a workout, you face the challenge and risk of making a mistake and overestimating your abilities. Here is the beauty of what we do, we get to make mistakes, we get to fail! Failure is where the progress lives.  If you allow yourself to learn and grow from that experience you will train harder and smarter next time.

Happy Thanksgiving!