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The Gym is not a scary place...

I see your faces as you drive by the gym…ever so slowly…peering in the windows wondering “what the heck is going on in there?” 

I hear the hesitation in your voice when you make the inquiry phone call...

I see the apprehensive look toward the floor as you walk in the door to inquire about our services…

I notice how you cross your arms and keep one foot on the welcome mat as we start to chat about what brought you in the door today...

Did you notice my response?

Most likely I smiled and extended my hand in friendship.  I probably told a bad joke (I do that…a lot).  I probably started a conversation that had absolutely nothing to do with fitness, working out, diet, nutrition, or otherwise.  Most likely we talked about kids, dogs, work, and things that we have in common.  I figure, we’ll get to the working out stuff soon enough.

In time, you’re laughing along with me, we’ve gotten to get to know one another a bit, and hopefully you have realized, “hey, these are regular folks in here, just trying to live a great life”. 

This is the foundation for which every relationship we start is built.  All this is to say, the gym isn’t, and shouldn’t be, a scary or intimidating place.  This is a place where people come to work on their health and well being, for sure.  But it is also a place where stories are shared, goals are made…and accomplished :). 

Our gym is a place where anyone is welcome.  Where your interest in taking good care of yourself combines with our collective experience and expertise to deliver a plan that is customized to YOUR needs, not the other way around. 

So, it’s time to stop seeing the gym as a scary and intimidating place.  It’s a place where great people and great coaches come together to make new things possible for you. 

Maybe we help you open doors to a new activity that you didn’t know you could participate in. 

Maybe we help you beat a nagging injury, or overcome a fear.

Maybe we help you finally clean up your diet and get your family eating healthy together.

Maybe we are a place where you and your friends like to hang out a few times a week.

We may be one, or all of these things to our members, but one thing is for sure, we are a place where you are welcome, regardless of where you think you are “starting” from. 

So, try not to be intimidated, try not to be scared or overwhelmed.  You have friends here.


Coach Shane