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The Jerk

The Logic

At last like Harry Potter’s inevitable fight with He Who Shall Not be Named we have arrived at the infamous Jerk.

Like a girl on her sweet 16 birthday party, the Jerk demands all your attention and respect or else it will leave you wondering what the hell were you doing with your life.

The Jerk is one of the most popularized movements because of its application in the sport of weightlifting. It is the last movement needed to be performed to close out the event of an Olympic Weightlifting competition. It literally can mean the difference to placing gold or bronze.

But what is its use in the real world?

Ever jumped and tried to catch anything in life before? A ball, frisbee, baby...what no one here has ever played hot potato with a newborn? 

In today’s article I will not be going over how to perform the Jerk (for there are far too many variations) but instead I will cover common faults that prevent you from being proficient at the movement.


The Faults

Incomplete Extension

You have failed to fully utilize the power of your hips and now you sucks at life.

But you’re in luck, you can still redeem yourself!

The fix?

  1. Think about squeezing your but as you jump from the floor
  2. Think about performing a big jump. 

Simple and easy.

Tight Rope Walking

Ever imagine yourself being a circ de soleil acrobat? No? Then why are you tight roping your jerk stance?!

The fix?

  1. Try Step-ing your foot out...either me...just pick one.

Better yet let me show you with some chalk! 

Not Getting Low Enough

Everyone who is anyone has danced the bathroom dance before. Never seen it? Well it is the one where you barley open your legs because you need to hold your bladder. Since you are not opening your legs wide enough to perform the split jerk then I assume you must need to use the bathroom. No you don’t?

Well let us fix that.

  1. Try stepping longer when performing the jerk, this will help you drop lower.
  2. COMMIT to dropping under the weight.

Still not getting it?

Perform the Jerk Balance.


Loose Midline

Ever get to the top of a press and think "Hey I wonder what would happen if I loosen my abdomen with all this weight above my head?"....

Yeah lets hope that never is an actual thought.

If you want to be sure to press above your head in a organized and structurally safe position learn to,

  1. Engage you glutes
  2. Engage you abdomen

This type of "brace" will create a strong torso that can withstand high intensity loads pulling off the ground or pressing overhead. Even the mighty Zeus could not mess you with, and that dudes a greek god!


See you in class,