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The Mill Squad Challenge

Summer is right around the corner........ Are you bathing suit ready? 

Are you looking to kick your fitness into high gear before summer arrives? 

Than assemble you squad for the first annual Squad Challenge! 


This will be a 6 week team performance challenge in which you will assemble a 4 person team. Each member of the team needs to complete a specified workout in the beginning and end of the challenge. Your scores will all be combined as a team.

The team that has the largest (percentage based) improvement overall wins the cash! 

  • The challenge starts Friday April 14th and runs through Saturday May 27th.  
  • On April 14th the workout of the day will be the Challenge workout. If you can not be here that day you will have until Tuesday the 18th to complete the workout. 
  • Each person in the team will complete the workout individually and all scores will be combined for a team total score. 
  • At the end of the challenge on May 27th we will repeat the same workout and combine all scores with your team. If you can not attend on this day you will need to complete the workout prior to the 27th. 
  • The team with the highest overall improvement wins.
  • Price to enter the challenge is $200 a team. 


Or there will be a sign up sheet at the gym. 

The workout will be announced the week of the challenge.