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Julie's Transformation

Alright everyone, I want to tell you a little about the work a member in your community is putting in and the changes she has seen along the way.

Julie Mistretta joined the gym over 2 years ago. It was actually her 2nd attempt at joining the gym. The 1st time she joined she was stuck in an onramp class and felt lost on what to do and how she was supposed to be throwing these weights around. Before joining the gym (either time) Julie struggled with a lack of energy and drive. Since joining the gym, especially the second time around, she has found a sense of community and a coach to help change her life.

This journey has not been absent of struggles and by no means has it been easy for Julie. A little over a year ago she woke up one morning and couldn’t move her arm and had a really deep pain in her shoulder, right behind her shoulder blade. She immediately got with her coach and started seeing a physical therapist as well. After working with her physical therapist for about 6 months, she began the conversation about getting back to the gym and working with Cameron, her coach for life, to continue her recovery. Her physical therapist thought that was a great idea.

She continues to work with Cameron and is back in classes. She spends time at home and in the office working on mobility; stretching her shoulders and the rest of her body so that she is able to stay healthy and moving.

Although she is staying away from any aggressive overhead movements (the jerk and snatch for example), she has been working hard and is now able to perform strict overhead movements like the press.

Julie has had some amazing changes with how she feels. Her energy has increased and she is even showing her husband up in the yard. They had a small tree fall across their creek and she the one picking it up and dragging it out…all the while her husband was busy picking his jaw up off the ground!

Julie is a valued member of our community and someone who makes it easy to want to coach. She has worked really hard to be where she is, even with the setbacks. Way to not give up and continuing to work Julie!

Coach Austin