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Transformation Tuesday

Typically we want Tuesday's blog to spotlight one your transformations in the gym. I have realized that there is still a ton of you that I don"t know so I thought I would take this opportunity to let you know about my personal gym journey. 

If you haven't met me or seen me around the the gym I am a somewhat smallish guy. I have never been big and to be honest my weight has only shifted about 10 lbs up and down through out my life post college. I don't say this to brag just make sure you understand when I say, "3 years ago I was terribly out of shape", it wasn't a weight thing. It was an entire cardio vascular out of shape thing. A close friend and I had planned a day hunt that required a short ride on mountain bikes. (I used to run a mountain bike program for a summer camp so a little over a mile was a short ride) We got about a mile in and I was so out of breath and dizzy I had to sit down and tell my buddy to go ahead. An hour later I had finally recovered but was so frustrated with myself and how I had let myself get to that place. I was the guy that could go do anything I wanted, when ever I wanted. I spent the next 9 months trying to get myself to the gym and out running with out much success. 

I had some family who had worked out with Cameron in the past and I remember seeing the change in them through their time at "Rivertown" now The Mill Fitness. I scheduled a meeting with Cameron and showed up to a gym full of these crazy people pulling themselves up on rings and doing a stupid amount of pull ups. I was like "What the F* did I just get myself into." Cameron came over and brought me through an assessment work out of pull ups, push ups, sit ups, and air squats. 7 minutes. That was it. We were then sitting on the floor and Cameron was talking about what they do. I couldn't flipping concentrate as I my head felt like it was going to explode and the only thought I had was "don't throw up, don't throw up". Getting home, my wife greeted me with an "Are you ok? You look awful." as I crashed on the couch. She scurried around me getting me water and what ever else I needed because I looked like I was going to die. Then I looked at her and said "It was only a 7 min work out". My wonderful wife proceeded to collapse to the ground laughing!

I knew I didn't want to feel that way again. 

It's been 2 years now that I have been worked out at The Mill and I have never felt better. I feel like I am again that guy that can go do anything. My wife and I have an 18 month old that I am no longer afraid of being able to keep up with and I don't have to stop on the side of the trail to recoup for an hour. Oh and my wife no longer laughs at me when I complete a 7 min work out. My weight and size hasn't changed much but the composition of my body is much different then it was 3 years ago. Its not a bad thing when your wife lays her head on your chest and says "what happened? You used to be a much more comfy pillow!"

I now am getting the chance to help others change their lives in similar ways at our gym and am excited for that opportunity. If you see me around the gym please don't hesitate to say Hi. I swear I don't have a stamp on my forehead that says "F* off". I'm just a little quieter and more reserved then most!


Coach Austin