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"What does it Cost?"

Probably the most common question we get from a prospective client is “what does it cost?”.  99% of the time, that is a direct quote.

My inclination when I hear this question is to answer with something like “what does WHAT cost?”  No doubt, this would sound sarcastic and condescending to the end user, but that isn't my intent.  Rather, by answering this way,  it shines a spotlight on how broken the standard conversation about health and fitness is these days.

Let me explain…

Your health and fitness are not a commodities that can be purchased off of the shelf.  What I mean is, your health isn’t something that improves or is “fixed” simply via the exchange of money. 

In addition, money alone (whether a small, or large amount) isn’t representative of how MUCH you are going to improve your health and fitness, or how hard you may have to work over a period of time to reach your goals.  In short, this isn’t a simple exchange equal money for results sort of proposition.  If anyone tries to sell you otherwise, they are lying to you, or don’t understand the process themselves.

The problem is we have been conditioned to think along those lines.   We tend to see everything we do as a straight 1:1 transaction.  In this context the conversation is “I give you money, I therefore will become more fit and healthy.” 

This way of thinking completely removes time, effort, consistency, and any number of factors. This is the reason there are a thousand different “get fit quick” schemes out there.  People are conditioned to look for the cheapest and easiest way to accomplish their goals. Each year, a new program, at home video series, or magical cure-all shake or pill is marketed to the masses.

The bottom line is, “how much does it cost?” is the wrong question.  Your personal budget is important, no doubt about it. But if you really want to make long lasting changes to your health and fitness you need to look at a broader picture of what you need, so before you ask “what does it cost” try running yourself through these questions first…

-What do I want to accomplish (specifically)?
-What are the consequences if I don’t do this?
-What would that cost me (money or otherwise)
-Am I willing to live with not acting?
-Do I know what it takes to get where I want to go?
-Can I do this on my own, or do I need help?
-How long will it take to get there?
-Do I have a good plan of attack?
-Am I willing to make that kind of commitment?

Now…”how much does THAT cost…” 

I promise you, it’s going to be less than the long term consequences of inaction and autoimmune disease.

One great thing about our approach to helping our clients is that we are honest about the answers to all of the questions above.  We help you sort out your ENTIRE health and wellness picture.  We make no promises of quick fixes, we offer no bells and whistles, just knowledgeable, professional coaches that can address YOUR needs, and give you the tools to be successful for the long haul.   

So ask yourself…what should that “cost”.

~Coach Shane