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What's in a Meme?

We’ve been helping folks improve their health and fitness for years now and we have seen some pretty dramatic transformations in our clients.  Not just in terms of physical aesthetics, or performance, but in mindset and levels of happiness as well. 

In all that time, I have never heard one of our athletes say “you know, I owe it all to that one motivational meme I saw that one time.”   Or “Once I bought that pair of shoes, it was off to the races for me…”

Just like buying all the “gear” for the gym, motivational quotes, memes, and phrases alone aren’t enough to push someone to start, or even maintain a good health regimen. 

They can be a helpful tool to remind you that you deserve to take care of yourself by way of keeping yourself physically fit, but as for real, sustainable motivation…that has to come from somewhere else.  Be wary of any program that leans on memes and quotes as their primary motivational tools.

Long term, sustainable motivation seems to come from the following places for most people…

-The results of the process, and improving how you feel has to mean something to you.  Specifically, long term sustainability comes from an emotional tie to the desired results. 

-You have to find a program that you trust.  Simply walking into a gym isn’t enough.  It’s a great start, for sure, but walking into the right gym for YOU is critically important.  You have to believe that the work you will do is going to get you where you want to go.  Not trusting or believing in the program can lead to apathy, and is how most folks fall away.

-A partner in accountability.  This could be a group of friends, or a professional relationship with your coach.  Having someone that understands what you are hoping to accomplish there to bounce ideas off of, and keep you on track the days you feel like its all too much, is key to your long term success!

-Don’t be in a hurry.  Too many people go out gangbusters and then fizzle out.  If you ware working out to feel better, or if you are working out to maximize your performance, you have to enjoy the process.  Better health and fitness isn’t a matter of waving a magic wand, rather, it’s a function of consistent and sustainable practices that enrich your life over the long haul. 




Coach Shane