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Need a boost?

Alright guys, where do you need help? Is there an area you're struggling with? Is it getting into the gym? Is it staying on track with the diet? Parents, is it getting sleep or even just a minute to take a few deep breathes to start or reset your day? We can't all be perfect like me (ha, I'm far from perfect). We all have moments, days, weeks, or longer that we struggle to stay on track with some aspect of our health. For your mental health, please don't beat yourself up and do yourself a favor, don't make an excuse for your previous behaviors. Own your circumstances and start taking steps to change what you are able to control and give yourself room when you aren't able to be "perfect". Find someone: your spouse, a friend, or hey, maybe even your Coach for Life to be your support...we are here for ideas on what and how to implement strategies for living a better life. Here are a few resource links to help you get started on improving an area you're struggling in: 

If stress or being able to relax at night is something you struggle with check out The Art of Breath:

If meal planning and food is what you want to change, check out Robb Wolf's food matrix:

Mobility Work:

and if you are looking for a way to build strength and get some conditioning or really just personal help with any of the above items come see your coach at The Mill Fitness. That is what we are here for. We aren't just pretty faces you see when you come to the gym.


Coach Austin